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Holistic Wellness With Whitney

At OurCollectiveBreath Wellness Coaching, we believe that wellness work, is peace work. 
Finding peace within ourselves, through embodied nutrition and movement. 
Gifting peace outward, through our own radiant embodiment.
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Create a Movement Practice

Fitness and exercise is not a one-and-done endeavor.  It is a life-long adventure, where we can challenge our body, improve our function and increase longevity.  It is a gift, and a practice.  Let me help you build your practice today with:

  • In-person strength and mobility training

  • Virtual personal training programs

  • Accountability and habit-building tools

  • Large group fitness and yoga classes

Enhance your Nutrition

Food, isn't just food.  It is as much nourishment and energy, as it is a sensory experience, a memory-maker and a community builder.  Learn how to optimize your nutrition, to improve satiety, energy, mood, digestion and sleep through in-person coaching or virtual anytime support.  


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