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Whitney Chavez

Yoga Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Fitness Trainer

I believe that the body inherently knows what it needs in order to find comfort, alignment and optimum function.  And, I have seen and experienced just how hard it can be to listen to this intrinsic ‘knowing’, and make meaningful and functional change.  I want to support you in learning to listen to your body! Together we will build nutrition and movement plans that support optimal metabolic health, build lean muscle, protect spinal health and  improve pelvic stability, as a means to create peace, comfort and alignment in your body.

About Me.

Hi, I’m Whitney Chavez.  I am a 40-something Mom and wife, living near the base of Mt. Tabor in my hometown of Portland, OR.  My husband and I love to travel, cook and sample delicious food, and take our two kids on as many adventures as possible.  I also love to run, lift weights, practice yoga and pilates, and improve my mobility through functional strength training.

I am also a certified yoga teacher (CYT-200), certified personal trainer (CPT), and hold 2 different nutrition certificates in macro-focused coaching and holistic nutrition (CHN). This learning has made me passionate about supporting others in finding the food that works great for their lives, and building fitness goals and plans that help folks feel great in their own skin! There was a time that I did not feel excellent in my own skin, suffering from anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, poor digestion, lower back pain, abdominal separation and pelvic floor dysfunction and more.  I ate as little as possible, exercised as much as possible, and never actually felt good, much less met my fitness goals in the process.  


I’m here to tell you that there is a better way.  

You can feel great in your body too. 

I’d love to show you how!


Master's Degree

Organizational Communication

My first career was in adult education.  I studied Organizational Communication in an Interdisciplinary Master's Program at Marylhurst University, where I focused on preventing vicarious trauma in helping professions.  This background because the launch point for my understanding of stress and trauma, the importance of embodiment as a fundamental wellness tool, and the beginning of my own search for inner peace through embodied nutrition and movement.

Certified Yoga Teacher- 200 hr

After the birth of my second child, I accidentally became a stay-at-home mom.  With these new pressures, and the loss of my first career, I turned to yoga for personal and physical growth and development.

Certified Holistic Nutritionist and WAG Certified Coach (AFPA/WAG)

While teaching group yoga classes, I added more skills to my tool-belt in personal nutrition coaching.  This includes a focus on not just food in general, but also metabolic health,  macro and micronutrients, meal planning and more.  

Certified Personal Trainer (AFPA)

After finding success with in-person and online nutrition coaching, I sought to expand my offerings with strength and mobility based personal training. With my education and background, I can create and instruct personalized fitness routines that work for you.  These can include work with free weights, fitness machines, yoga, mobility movements, pelvic stability and core integrity and more. 


Workout anywhere, anytime

Looking to have that personal training touch, anytime and anywhere?  Contact me about my virtual training programs!  Search, launch and complete customized workouts or meal-plans by me, anytime!

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